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Best Gardening Tools For Beginners Gardener 2022

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Starting a garden is exciting, but at the same time can be incredibly overwhelming. If you’re a first-time gardener, everything is new. You have to figure out what you want to grow and where you want to grow it. And then you have to figure out how to make it happen. If you’re just getting started gardening, there are a few tools you’ll want to get started with. When it comes to gardening, having the right tools can make all the difference. If you’re just starting out, here are some of the best gardening tools for beginners.

Unfortunately, gardening isn’t as simple as putting some seeds in the ground and letting nature take its course. You need to work hard and you need tools to help you do that work. With some essential gardening tools in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to kickstart your new garden without breaking the bank.

When you first walk into a home improvement or garden store and check out the aisles of garden and lawn tools you’ll realize they’ve got a tool for everything. However, you don’t need a tool for everything–that’s just wasted money and another unused item gathering dust in the garage. But what garden tools are essential? In this article, we break down the tools you’ll use most in your garden. These are tried & true basic garden tools, as well as tools and equipment that have multiple uses when your work in your garden and yard. We break down what you’ll need them for, what to look for when you’re buying garden tools, and give you some recommendations for each tool.

As a beginner gardener, it can be daunting to figure out which tools are the best for you.

  • A pair of garden gloves will protect your hands from dirt and pesticides.
  • A spade is essential for turning over soil and removing unwanted plants.
  • A hoe is perfect for breaking up compacted soil or clearing weeds.
  • A watering can with a wide mouth is perfect for irrigating smaller areas or pots.

There are many tools that can be helpful in gardening, but some are better suited for those with more experience.

Beginning gardeners often find themselves overwhelmed with the number of tools available at their local gardening store. While it’s tempting to buy every tool under the sun, most beginners only need a few essential tools to get started.

The best gardening tools for beginners: what are they and what do they do?

If you’re just starting out gardening, there are a few tools that will make the process a bit easier. Here are the best gardening tools for beginners:

All Seasons Gardener Gloves

Before you start ripping up pesky weeds or pruning roses, you’ll need a pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands.

There are many different gloves available, suitable for different jobs and weather conditions but good quality, multi-purpose pair like these “all seasons” gloves by Briers are ideal for most tasks.

 Bypass Pruners General Purpose Medium

The pruning and tidying of plants is a regular garden task and a pair of secateurs will become one of your most useful pieces of kit. Garden clippers – a bit like scissors – which can be operated with one hand they are a worthwhile investment and will set you up for seasons to come.

Gardeners World tried and tested a wide range to identify the best secateurs available and the Okatsune 103 Bypass Secateurs review scored consistently well.

Carbon Steel Transplanting Trowel

A good garden hand trowel is  useful for a whole host of jobs including hand weeding, planting, potting on and seed sowing.

This trowel by Wilkinson Sword is made from stainless steel, so it’s rust resistant and long lasting plus it comes with a 10 year guarantee, so it’s great value for money.

3-Tine Cultivator, Forged Trowel and Forged Hand Fork

A useful tool for planting in the garden, a hand fork will help break up compacted and clay soil and can cut through stony ground with ease.

This hand fork from Spear and Jackson has a strong, coated carbon steelhead as well as an ergonomic, soft-grip handle to protect your hand.

Plastic Watering Can

– Used for Houseplants, Flowers or Bonsai Trees + Indoor and Outdoors use of Sprinkling Plants 

To keep seedlings and young plants refreshed a watering can with a “rose” (the sprinkler attachment on the end of the watering spout) will distribute water more lightly and evenly.

A Haws watering can is a gardening classic and this model has a seven litre capacity as well as a brass rose for a gentle water spray.

Pico Reel With Spray Gun

For established plants in beds and containers using a hose for watering is quicker, easier and puts far less strain on the back than using a can.

Garden Life Stainless Steel Digging Spade

Essential for digging and planting a spade should be high on your garden tools list.

During our expert testing process for the best garden spade, we awarded Kent and Stowe’s Stainless Steel Digging Spade Best Buy status. The stainless steel blade cuts cleanly through the ground and it feels robust and comfortable to use.

Select Stainless Digging Fork

A garden fork is just the thing for getting vegetable plots and borders ready for planting. Perfect for getting through stony soil, the back of the fork also breaks down clods ready for raking.

This digging fork from Spear and Jackson has polished stainless steel tines and an ergonomic grip so its comfortable to use.

Dutch Long Handle Push Hoe

For clearing the weedy ground, a Dutch hoe will skim off weeds in no time.

Lightweight and easy to use, it hoes smoothly, is excellent quality and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Bow Rake,14-Tine Heavy Duty Level Head Rake

One of the most essential gardening tools, a ground rake breaks soil down to a fine tilth thats perfect for seed sowing. The wide head and teeth allow the tool to open and level the top surface of the soil, while tamping the ground with the back of the rake will help firm it down.

Round Head Shovel

There are so many shovels and spaces in different designs and sizes available, but a nice quality round head shovel will give you the most bang for your buck and take care of most digging tasks.

Use a shovel to break apart dirt, dig larger holes, and transplant soil. In a pinch, it can easily take the place of a spade or garden hoe.

For Container Gardeners: if you don’t have a need for a shovel, a hand trowel is the perfect digging tool for you. Use it to transfer the dirt to containers and transplant seedlings.

Garden Hose

Hydration is essential, no mater what kind of plants you’re growing. A garden hose makes it easy to water your lawn, flower beds, vegetable gardens, and outdoor container gardens. Look for a hose that is sturdy and long enough to reach from your spigot to all the corners of your yard.

For Container Gardeners: A watering can might better meet your needs, especially if you don’t have a traditional yard. They make it easier to water small containers in inconvenient locations and houseplants.

Best Grow Box For Beginners Check It Out

These tools will be enough to get started on your gardening adventure. As you discover new needs, you can add on to your collection of yard and gardening tools. When shopping for tools, you want to look for well-made, stainless steel tools. You may have to pay a little more money, but it’s an investment for the future. Good tools will last you decades.

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